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Real Estate and IRA's

You might not realize it, but an IRA can invest in real estate instead of stocks and bonds. The rental income generated by IRA owned real estate, plus any profit from sale all goes right into your IRA just like dividends and gains from stocks or bonds. Your IRA doesn’t even have to have the entire purchase price of a property; the IRA can partner with a person, company/entity, or another IRA, or it can secure a non-recourse loan to buy real estate.

Since our clients are often unaware of the process for buying real estate with their retirement plan, we created this special 11 page report to help. Please download the report and/or submit questions about either the real estate purchase itself, or the retirement plan rules and process. We have arranged for the Self-Directed IRA specialists at New Direction IRA to answer questions about account processes and IRS rules while we are available to help with finding and choosing a property.

Of course, we are always happy to help with any real estate purchases you might have in mind, with retirement funds or not.
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